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Recent Work


Cau Doi

2023, Paintings connected to the Google 3D Library

Screenshot 2024-01-25 at 12.58.10.png

Perpetual Paintings


The Last Letter Writer

2021, Film collab with David Raymond

A Movable Feast

2021 -, wood

Cracked Mobile

2018-19, welded iron, sheetrock, wood 

Vaccination Passports

2021, architectural installations

Dog Days

2018, wood doors, frame


2016-18, wood, acrylic and oil paint


2018-21, 3D-printed firearms from files found off the internet

Chuoi  / Trang


2019, LED light box,

We Don't Need No Education

2021, canvas, acrylic, chalk

Wash in the Rain

2012-18, paper and bronze editions

The Leavers (I)

2014 -, oil pastel, canvas

The Leavers (II)

2014-18, mounted c-prints, oil pastel, canvas

Hashtag Yellow Picket Fence

2015 -, acrylic paint, wood


2016 -, acrylic mirror and wood


Ex Votos

2015, oil and acrylic on plastic sheeting

Library / Anthology for Beginners

2006-, rice kernels, ink, mylar, etched acrylic

The Rain in Spain
2018 Cork, wire, wood

Executive Orders

2017-18, HD video and sound loop

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