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Previous Work

Artists Commercials

2009-, 3-channel HD video

The Diabolical

2001–, Installation of impasto acrylic on canvas paintings colored exactly the same as walls

Sonic Godiva

2005, mixed media performance

Ebay: TGN 2001

2001, Ebay yearlong web-based performance and mixed media project inventorying every object in the artist's Brooklyn apartment

Portable Confessionals

2012-18, Handcut paper grocery bags, bronze

Win, Win

2012-, wood, paint, mirror

Last Supper in Babel

2009, mixed media installation

Last Supper at CERN

2009, raw canvas, wood table, turntables, vintage gospel records, acrylic paint

Notes from the Invisible Box of Valery Osser

2008-09, Re-published Da Vinci Code with added chapter

Neo Theo / The Last State

2004-18, creased spray-painted cotton flag, audio loop, framed photographs, picture light

Duchamp Versus Fischer

2008-09, Performance and Video installation projected on pedestals 

Ready Set Sail!

2007, mixed media performance

The Once and Future

2008, acrylic paint, styrofoam, silver foil, wood, and sword (steel, leather, bronze)

Holding Off the Second Coming
2011, Ice, freezer, the holy spirit 

Sonic Peekskill

2004, mixed media installation

Sonic Berlin

2007, mixed media performance and installation

Orphic Rug

2011, Acrylic and oil paint
60 x 36 inches

Iron Man

2011, Linen, oil paint, burn, antique wood ironing board

Art Hijack

2005, mixed media performance

Signature Series

2003-, oil and acrylic over found paintings

What You Get Is What You See
2008, UV plexi blinds

St. Sebastian

2012-, wood, cork, metal wire, paint


2010, archival inkjet prints

Works 1996-2011 (pocket retrospective)
2012, book with wall labels

2005-, mixed media

Trucker Hats
2010-, hats, each unique

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