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The series GGGuns looks at gun violence through the lens of 3D printed firearms.  Since 2013, when Texas law student Cody Wilson made the first “Liberator” handgun available as a printable file, the court battle continues to oscillate between legality and criminality. In the meantime, Wilson’s company Defense Distributed has made over 15,000 files available for download. Nguyen alludes to the mootness of such regulations, and instead bluntly calls out the cowardice of many a gun owners. During a residency in California in 2018, he downloaded a number of files available at that time and had them printed. The parts of each firearm are displayed piecemeal in a shadowbox frame with goofy texts etched onto the protective glass, such as “In Case of Insecure Patriarchal Masculinity” and “In Case of Genius Destabilizing”.

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