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Sonic Godiva

as part of PERFORMA 05
November 19, 2005, mixed media performance

Artists Space, Greene Street, New York, NY USA

Sonic Godiva was a "blockbuster concert" broadcasting 8 hours of music from Artists Space's third floor. Live bands, as well as an iPod, played to an empty space, with speakers directed out the windows. Passerby on the street could hear but not come in. Summer Lawns, one of the live bands, covered the Grant Lee Buffalo standard Lady Godiva and Me, which in turned cued a simultaneous re-enactment of Lady Godiva's 11th century nude horseback ride through the streets of Coventry. In this case, it was Greene Street in Soho on a busy Saturday afternoon. The public got their chance to play the role of Peeping Tom (the only person to look at Lady Godiva during her ride, and, as legend goes, afterwards went blind).

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