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Stolnar Stundir (Stolen Moments)

October 21, 2006, Reykjavik, Iceland

as part of Sequences: Real Time Festival

Video projection and performance, sound
Above: Installation view at Vincom Center for Contemporary Art, 2017, with projection and gravel

For the Sequences: Real Time Festival, I buried a work titled Time Capsule of Appropriated Objects (to be Opened at Time's End  at an undisclosed location in Iceland. Upon the artist's demise, the work's GPS coordinates shall be given to an inheritor who will in turn pass it on, and on. The burial was videoed and broadcasted live to Safn Foundation, where the band played an improvised score to accompany the artist's performance. As the tricky title indicates, every item inside this time capsule was stolen over a five year period, and will never be dug up....

Thwarting the notion of what a time capsule is suppose to be, the object does not reward patience or posterity, but rather, finds satisfaction in loss, lament, and dismissal.


Special thanks to my dear friend Birta Gudjonsdottir

PS The video is jittery because I started the camera early in the morning before sunrise and apparently pressed some setting that skipped frames.

PPS In the full video, there is captured evidence of ghosts and fairies in the magical volcanic landscape👻

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