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HNH 2010: Metaphysical GPS

2010, GPS application for iPhone

For 2010, Humanitarians Not Heroes collaborates with artist Christopher K. Ho, who for one year is making a shed in Colorado covered in license plates his studio and home.


The app HNH Metaphysical GPS counters the modern obsession with always having to know where we are, where we are going, and how to get there, thereby demoting reliance on our own intuition and self-trust. The app considers not only where we are geographically, but more importantly, where we stand geo-metaphysically.


Whenever the app is opened, an image of the license plate shed appears, and a different license plate 'locates' you. Invariably, "U R HERE"... Except, if by pure chance you find yourself at one specific GPS coordinate and, at that spot in the world, open the app. 'THERE,' a special message of enlightenment will appear. This coordinate will never be revealed. Good luck.


HNH Metaphysical GPS takes its inspiration partially from the medieval folktale of the wandering Jew, a shopkeeper fated to roam the earth until judgement day, without rest or death. The character becomes a metaphor for everyman's existential search for elusive meaning.


Who are we? Where are we going? How do we get there? No matter. U R HERE.

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