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HNH 1981: Rotary Phone

2006, altered telephone

4-1/2 x 9 x 6 inches

Batman gave one to commisionner Gordon, and we thought it similarly apropos to offer a special vanity edition of the popular Polish T-150 rotary telephone in partnership with TeleKom. The 1981 HNH version comes in three colors (cream, brown, and red) and is outfitted with a special rotary speed dial function that was available previously only in touch tone models.

1981 has been an historic year filled with big headlines -- the royal wedding, the release of American hostages after 444 days in Iran, both Ronald Reagan and the Pope surviving assassination attempts, and the launch of MTV.

Meanwhile, in our little nook of the snowglobe, Blondie's Call Me, the best selling hit of the previous year, continues representing our calling card to remain active. When you are ready, we can share the wine.

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