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Floor Plans

2005 –, sheared grass

Dimensions variable

Floor Plans is a series of life-size architectural floor plans cut directly into the grass. Each space represents a site of trauma, whereby the innocuous, soft grass contrasts with references of barbarism and collective inhumanity - enabled by the partial  complicity of the viewer.

Women's Room, Serbian Prison Camp, 1992 

2005, sheared grass
Socrates Sculpture Park, Long Island City, New York
212 x 254 inches

For the biennial exhibit FLOAT at Socrates Sculpture Park, a life-size architectural rendering of a single room containing seven beds can be seen on the grass, complete wih windows and an opened door, which served as the "entry point." Women's Room references the novel S., by Slavenka Drakulic. It is a recreated layout of a room where Croatian women were imprisoned and confined by Serbian soldiers, kept for the simple purpose of being raped by the enemy. In this Spartan space, daily knocks on the door horrificly signified which girl's turn was next.

A Home for the Misbegotten

2012, sheared grass, wooden signs
Wassaic Festival, Wassaic, New York
26 x 26 feet (dimensions variable)

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