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HNH 2008: Intelligent Design Jigsaw Puzzle

2008, 550 piece 'borderless' jigsaw puzzle

24 x 18 inches

Complete puzzle NOT AVAILABLE for purchase.
Sold in single segments. Limit one segment per customer

For what supreme intelligent being would devise something as simpleton and miscalculated as the idea of God? (Valery Osser)


Intelligent Design is a redemptive jigsaw puzzle and an article of Faith.


Together, the 550 individual segments depict a text that reveals incontrovertible evidence against the validity of the Judeo-Christian faith – essentially bringing that tradition to an end. Theological dogma as poor rationale comes inherently complete with a self-debunking prophecy. Thus a careful reading of the Old Testament unearths not a soul-saving treasure chest, but rather a tool kit for the disassembly of the faith. Using the prescribed postlapsarian (after 'the Fall') logic unmasks 'the Word' to be charlatanism. To put this another way, the logic recommended as the pathway to salvation ultimately leads to the faith's collapse.

Does one need to see to believe?

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