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HNH 2007: Violin

2007, wood, varnish, metal, ectoplasm, glue

23-1/2 inches tall


For 2007, Humanitarians Not Heroes is producing a limited number of master-crafted, traditional violins with one major design change, the "f" sound holes have been replaced by "H"s. The violin's colorful history makes it a natural fit in the HNH lineage. Nero fiddled with his while Rome burned, Tartini lent his in a dream to the most diabolical of composers, Paganini’s mythic virtuosity cast it in a glam-rock light, and Iran's president recently vilified it as an instrument of the Jew angel who came down to earth.

In Promethean/Pythagorean fashion, let there be light, music, and harmony in the spheres. How else shall Paradise be regained?

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