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HNH 2003: Dubya Says Fortune Cookies

2003, set of 36 fortune cookies each containing a different George W. Bush quote, packaged in a clear plastic container
12 x 8 x 8 inches


At once humorous and somewhat frightening, these fortune cookies filled with the real life words of George W. Bush playfully mourn an administration that is looking more and more like an ugly totalitarian regime. One can only hope that when a Bush-chadder reads one of these notes and reflects back on the last presidential election, he will ask himself, "what the hell was I thinking?" Talk about abuse of free speech.

Each set of 36 Fortune Cookies each contains a different Dubya quotation, including "Africa is a nation that suffers from great disease", "Border relations between Canada and Mexico have never been better", and "I understand small business growth. I was one."

Fortune cookies date back to the 13th century, when they were used by Chinese revolutionaries to deliver concealed messages concerning a planned uprising against occupying Mongols. China being the world's oldest and largest superpower - in - waiting, one doesn't have to be a linguist to tell just how fortunate Americans really are.

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