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HNH 1995: Minimalist Graffiti Kit

2004, Inkjet print, stencil, and mylar casing

11 x 13 inches

The chronic territory of street graffiti gets an uplift with what else but minmalism.

The Krylon-Humanitarians Not Heroes Minimalist Graffiti Kit comes with an HNH template ready for tagging. A guide with all the available Krylon all-purpose colors tears out and folds up neatly to fit in a wallet . Bust it out when necessary to match up as closely as possible the wall to be vandalized. Just mark the color then purchase the corresponding can at your nearest Krylon dealer.

With the Krylon-HNH Minimalist Graffiti Kit, subversion never looked so plain, and any further mention of street cred may yet elicit a coy smile instead of the standard yawn.

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