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HNH 1989: Artist Cape

2004, pin-striped wool, corduroy, silk, buttons

40 inches radius

Produced in collaboration with designers Swati Argade and Charlotte Holst Douglas, the 1989 HNH product updates the tradition of 19th century dandies, flaneurs, and the more modern Clint Eastwood. Remember those spaghetti western ponchos? Painters and gun slingers walk the same crooked path delineated by astute hand-eye coordination, the noble outlaw mentality, and an inherent fashion sense. Made of fine Englsih wool, this three-petaled black pinstripe cape with burgundy satin lining is proper yet a bit over the top. Finished off with beautiful rope trimming and a Gothic corduroy collar, this cloak can be worn in several different ways, with three slit openings that drape to reveal the arms or rotated to show off that new paisley tie.

Issued strictly to artists in 1989, these luxurious capes take on an element of dark romanticism and decadence, a sign and shield. The spirit of Baudelaire is alive and well. Move over Crockett and Tubbs.

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