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HNH 1980: Leaves of Grass Pillow

2006, fabric, thread, stuffing, poem from
1980 Signet edition of Leaves of Grass
Each pillow varies. Approximately 11 x 5 x 3-1/2 inches

1980 marks the 125th year anniversary of the publication of Leaves of Grass, Walt Whitman’s starry collection of poems celebrating “urbana Americana.”

For this occasion, artist Catarina Leitão collaborates with Humanitarians Not Heroes to make a special edition of grass pillows, each individually containing a poem from Leaves of Grass, inserted with the stuffing. So rest easy and symbolically, knowing that

Not till the sun excludes you, do I exclude you;

Not till the waters refuse to glisten for you,
and the leaves to rustle for you, do my words

refuse to glisten and rustle for you

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